Branding Basics – How to create and stay true to your brand

As business owners we are all (hopefully) aware of the importance of creating a great brand strategy, and sticking to it. Often, the very first thing a business owner will do is launch Google and type in "logo design" and find a logo designer. I think this is a mistake. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if they Googled and ended up at my logo design service page - but they have already skipped

24 Hour Creative Challenge – Household Items

I don't always have the opportunity to work on true creative concepts. So I thought I'd set myself a challenge. 24 Hours. 1 Hour Maximum Per Product, from concept to completion. 8 Press advertisements. These ads are not "finished" in the sense of art direction and photography. Let's face it, an hour isn't very long. Just me, Google images and a lot of coffee. No ownership of these accounts is claimed, this is just for

The Importance of a Great Website for a New Business

There are many reasons why having the perfect website for your business is so critically important. Here are just a few. • Reinforcement of your message This is all too often overlooked. Most people get caught up in the fancy features of their website and fail to keep in mind where their traffic has originated from. For example, if you've printed a full page advertisement in the local newspaper featuring a great limited offer, and

Get Your FREE SEO Health Check

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Perth Wildcats Rebrand Concept (Just for fun)

So I thought I'd have a go at rebranding one of our local sports teams - The Perth Wildcats. Their current logo: My concepts: I wanted to give the brand a more modern, simplified, clean feel, without losing any of the impact of the current logo. New Logo The new logo in action A possible new jersey design How their new court design might look Example of a branded

Creative Concepts for Kitchen Appliances

Below are a few creative concepts I came up with for a kitchen appliance retailer, to show off certain key features in their product range. The idea is a series of press advertisements that run on consecutive newspaper pages. The first ad of each series is the "before" shot. The second ad is on the next page in the identical position. The idea is to create a level of curiosity to highlight key features in

Lead Generation – Quality Over Quantity

  In recent years – particularly over the last 2 years – social media has become seen as 100% mandatory for any business who is serious about their brand. Sharing, Tweeting, Pinning – it’s difficult to keep up with the latest social media trends. In my opinion – the quality of the leads has taken a back seat to getting as much exposure as possible, in the shortest amount of time. It may seem like

15 Quick SEO Tips that will Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engine optimisation is tricky. It changes every day. Here are 15 great tips to get you started. 1. Be sure to include as much real text on your website as possible – minimising the use of images as text. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines can not crawl images or Flash animations. 2. Write great content, loaded with relevant keywords and key phrases. 3. When creating backlinks, use descriptive words. 4.

The DIY Web Design Trap

The latest trend in web presence seems to be DIY websites. Anyone can create a website these days. It’s true. Even you – with no experience whatsoever. However – please consider the potential damage you can cause to your brand. I am not only saying this because I am a web designer and I want your business. Yes, I do want your business, obviously – but I would be more than happy to see some